Case Study

Bern Ryan

3 Year Warranty

FDA Approved Technology

Food grade stainless steel.

At first I was skeptical about the OiLChef device. Tried it in 1 fryer & had to get it for the second fryer. Now getting 10 days from my oil instead of maybe 7 before using OiLChef. Able to cook at 20° lower with consistent fantastic food quality. Saving at least 35% on fryer oil costs. Love having OiLChef in my fryers. I’m telling other chefs they need OiLChef in their kitchens

Potential Savings

Current cost of oil per year

3 Year cost of oil

Annual cost savings by using OiLChef in your fryer

With OiLChef you will save this amount on oil in 3 years

Your energy savings with OiLChef in 3 years

Projected return on investment per OiLChef per fryer