Case Study

Boston Pizza

3 Year Warranty

FDA Approved Technology

Food grade stainless steel.

Boston Pizza

4725 Dorchester Road,

Niagara Falls, Ontario.


I am a strong advocate of the innovative technology, Oil Chef and have purchased two units for three of my Boston Pizza locations.

After using the Oil Chef, the chefs across the board commented on the following:

  • little crispier food
  • less oily and fresher tasting product
  • a reduction in temperature, by a minimum of 10 degrees
  • easy maintenance
  • at least doubled the life of the oil


Oil life has been extended as follows:

Grimsby – from 3.5 to 7 days

St. Catherine’s – from 4 to 8 days

Niagara Falls – from 3.5 to 9 days


During each oil cycle, we filter our oil daily, and keep potatoes in one fryer while keeping the other products reserved for the second fryer, whenever possible. As well, we are sure to boil our each unit once a week, for 15-20 minutes, in order to clean our any debris that has build up throughout the cooking process. Keeping this regiment in place, we have found that the life of our oil has doubled, at minimum, and are extreme happy with the results of the Oil Chef.

I highly recommend Oil Chef to any establishment that in interested in both enhancing the quality of their food, while significantly reducing overall costs on oil each year.


Rob Philips

Potential Savings

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