OiLChef | Calculate your ROI
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Calculate your ROI

Calculate your savings

Calculate how much you spend on cooking oil or fats for one of your deep fryers per week – don’t forget to allow for top ups.

Multiply this figure by 52 and then by 3. This is how much you spend in 3 years on oil/fat per fryer –

Now calculate 35% of this 3 year total – this 35%, is the minimum money OiLChef will save your business

Can you afford not to have an OiLChef device in your fryer?

This 35% savings figure is the lowest recorded saving using OiLChef. Typical savings range between 45% to 75%. These figures exclude energy savings…and also exclude the unknown value of having a superior quality food product..

Enter the values and find out the OiLChef savings

How many liters of oil do you fill your fryer with Liters

How many days do you normally get from oil Days

How much does your cooking oil cost per liter Per Liter

Current cost of oil per year is

3 Year cost of oil

Annual cost savings by using OiLChef in your fryer is

With OiLChef you will save this amount on oil in 3 years

Your energy savings with OiLChef in 3 years are

Projected return on investment per OiLChef per fryer is