Case Study

Dairy Queen

3 Year Warranty

FDA Approved Technology

Food grade stainless steel.

I own and operate one of the highest volume Dairy Queen Grill & Chill Franchises in North America.

We have been using the OiLChef units in our fryers for nearly 5 years now and have renewed the original OiLChef units after 3 years and 3 months.

Before we purchased the OiLChef we had to exchange our fryer oil in our onion ring fryer every day and now we only have to change this oil every 6 or 7 days.

Our chicken tenders and strips cook quicker and have a lovely light golden color, from frying oil that is at least twice as old as it used to be. Our French Fries have improved and are less oily.

Prior to installing OiLChef, we purchased Magnesol powder to help improve our oil quality and now because of the enhanced quality of our oil – by using OiLChef, we no longer need to purchase Magnesol powder!

We have dramatically reduced our fryer oil purchases, removed entirely our Magnesol purchases and have had no operational issues with the OiLChef units. I am confident that by renewing my units every 3 years that my savings are consistent.

Potential Savings

Current cost of oil per year

3 Year cost of oil

Annual cost savings by using OiLChef in your fryer

With OiLChef you will save this amount on oil in 3 years

Your energy savings with OiLChef in 3 years

Projected return on investment per OiLChef per fryer