OiLChef | Healthier Fried Food
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Healthier Fried Food

Using OiLChef units in your Fryer can reduce Cancer causing chemicals and thereby you can cook healthier fried food for your customers..

French Fries, Chips…
Cancer-causing chemical: Acrylamide

Threat level: 3  ( on 1 – 5 )


Acrylamide, a form of a chemical used to treat wastewater, lurks in french fries, chips, bread, and even doughnuts. “When some carb-rich foods are cooked at high temperatures, the amino acid asparagine reacts with sugars in the foods, forming acrylamide,” said Timothy Fennell, toxicology director at RTI International. Your body’s chemical reactions to acrylamide can lead to DNA mutations that may raise your cancer risk. Shield your cells: Strategize in the kitchen. “Opt for lower temperatures and shorter cooking times,” said Fennell. “If you do fry, don’t make foods very brown.” ‘OiLChef Units in your fryers allow you to cook quicker at lower temperatures, creating heathier food’. (SIC SF CEO)