Case Study

Pane e Vino

3 Year Warranty

FDA Approved Technology

Food grade stainless steel.

The calamari, chicken, veal & mozzarella sticks taste better, are less oily, and have great color. Before OilChef we would get 7 days and now getting 10 days saving a minimum of 35% on fryer oil costs. Able to cook at a lower temperature with consistently high food quality. We will need a 2nd unit for our new fryer when the kitchen update is completed.

Potential Savings

Current cost of oil per year

3 Year cost of oil

Annual cost savings by using OiLChef in your fryer

With OiLChef you will save this amount on oil in 3 years

Your energy savings with OiLChef in 3 years

Projected return on investment per OiLChef per fryer