Oil Chef - Fry More For Less

Eco Friendly Chef was founded in 2013 Canada and is now helping our customers serve food to over 10M people in over 34 countries across Europe, UK, Australia, North America, Central and South America.

Eco Friendly Chef Corp includes Oil Chef and Better Fry under our award winning banner.

Oil Chef dedicated to Food Service and Hospitality sector and Better Fry, our World First -industrial application for large batch fryers & continuous line fryers for Food processors & food manufacturers.

Our main offices are located in Montreal, Canada, Miami/USA, London/UK with satelite offices in mainland Europe, Australia, Central and South America.

Environmental consultancy

Environmental consultancy relating to the efficiency of deepfrying operations, namely, evaluating and testing the environmental qualities and impact of deep fryers is part of our work here at OiLChef with Eco Friendly Chef Corp.

Did you know that the ability to reduce frying temperature and cooking times have a positive impact with your carbon footprint reduction?

Did you know that a reduction in the use of cardboard boxes, plastic and or tin containers also have an impact on your carbon footprint?

Reductions in the number of “events” of waste management also reduce your carbon footprint, if you produce less waste, there will be less waste to manage!

OiLChef can advise on how you can fry more for less. Less waste, less costs. More eco-friendly food production.

Reductions in kWh usage have significant impact for our environment and your bottom line and adopting the OiLChef program to your deepfrying operations will help reduce your kWh.

Our consultancy in this specialized field will identify areas in your deepfrying operations where your environmental impact can be reduced through improved operational procedures and advise on the adoption of more sustainable practices such as the adoption of more eco-friendly and sustainable methods and approved technologies and solutions.

Your eco-friendly Chef – OiLChef: Improving Food, Reducing Cost, Lowering Carbon Footprints.