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Eco Friendly Chef Corp.

Making fried food healthier and reducing cooking costs!


Using OiLChef units in your Fryer can reduce Cancer-causing chemicals and thereby you can cook healthier fried food for your customers…
French Fries, Chips…
Cancer-causing chemical: Acrylamide
Threat level: 3 ( on 1 – 5 )

Acrylamide, a form of a chemical used to treat wastewater, lurks in french fries, chips, bread, and even doughnuts. “When some carb-rich foods are cooked at high temperatures, the amino acid asparagine reacts with sugars in the foods, forming acrylamide,” said Timothy Fennell, toxicology director at RTI International. Your body’s chemical reactions to acrylamide can lead to DNA mutations that may raise your cancer risk. Shield your cells: Strategize in the kitchen. “Opt for lower temperatures and shorter cooking times,” said Fennell. “If you do fry, don’t make foods very brown.” ‘OiLChef Units in your fryers allow you to cook quicker at lower temperatures, creating healthier food’. (SIC SF CEO)


The Culinary Miracles of Chef Jose Andres

Pioneering Chef Jose Andres takes Anderson Cooper’s taste buds on a savory tour of his culinary laboratory, featuring his avant-garde cooking technique, molecular gastronomy.


Food Quality – Quality of the food is an important part of testing that we do for our Customers which is important for Customers safety and healthy life.

Food Quality

The food, is cooked in 3 day old oil without an Oil Chef Device in the fryer.

Food Quality

The food, is 5 day old oil that has an Oil Chef device inside.

Proof of Oil Chef: Taco bowl on left cooked in 3 day old oil without Oil Chef. Taco Bowl on right in 5 day old oil with Oil Chef.


We do a lot to improve food quality, sustainability and quick ROI!

Eco Friendly Chef Corp. Is the way forward. Our focus is on reducing waste and environmental impact in the food service and food manufacturing industry.


The exciting tastes of international cuisine in a superb interior of our newly opened Brooklyn gastro bar.

Increasing food quality and reducing costs!!!


Food Quality

By using OiLChef in your fryer, your food will be crispier, lighter in color, healthier, more texture, less oily and increase shelf life .naics


1,200% + ROI

“Using OiLChef in our 4 fryers has reduced our annual oil costs by 68%, improved our food quality and paid for itself in 3 months” Jo-Ann Schiller, No.1 Dairy Queen


Best Product

‘We didn’t believe the claims but decided to try it out. It works, it’s real, its cut our costs in half and we bought for both restaurants.



It sounded too good to be true and being in the Top 100 Restaurants of the World we were cautious. It really does work. Cut costs by 50% without compromising quality.