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Oil Chef

Over 10M people benefit from OiLChef every day!

OiLChef is the brand of choice for deep fry culinary experts and professionals alike who are conscientious about reducing operational costs, locking in food flavor of deep-fried food, and yes, the environment.

Placing our OiLChef device inside the oil well of your deep fryer, regardless of using an oil filter or not, will extend the life of your fryer oil and result in direct savings based on less frequent oil changes and purchases. In fact, 100% of our clients save on oil, and save on energy consumption to operate deep fryers by lowered cooking oil temperatures without compromising food quality, and all affirm, they have optimized deep fried food quality and cook times.

With OiLChef you can cook more food in your deep fryer using less quantity of oil with enhanced deep fry food quality and texture. Most deep fry operators primarily focus on some form of internal or external filtration system to help trap and remove food particles from the frying oil. Filtering cooking oil in deep fryers can be manual or automated and it is complementary to the OiLChef solution, but can never achieve as much value in a deep frying operation without OiLChef.


Oil Chef is not a filter, it is not a chemical, it has no breakable parts, it is virtually maintenance-free and requires no wires, no power, and is a simple 5-second self-installation system.

Improve your fried foods while reducing your carbon impact with this OilChef OCHPH oil saving device for up to 90 lb. fryers. This device boasts a maintenance-free design and requires no wires and no power. Plus, it's easy to install thanks to its self-installation system.


What does OiL Chef do?

OiLChef slows down the oxidation of your frying oil and which can double the oil life and also help you fry your food cooker, crispier and less oily. Your food retains its crunch for longer!

If you own a restaurant or a kitchen with a deep fryer, then you might be surprised at how much you spend every year on cooking oil.

Have you ever calculated this direct cost? If you haven’t, then you should, because Canadian Company, Eco Friendly Chef Corp. is helping thousands of professional kitchen operators to dramatically cut their oil costs in half.

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How does Oil Chef work?

  • OiL Chef is installed inside your fryer to increase operational and production efficiencies.
  • OiL Chef, by O2 absorption, acts upon your frying oil at the molecular level to slow down the oil’s oxidation process and increases its thermal conductivity.
  • Active molecular oxygen, cuts the chains of lumpy oil bodies that raise oil viscosity making the oil thinner and cleaner, thus to last longer.
  • It is the World’s most sophisticated patented technology for professional kitchen operators and restaurant owners.
  • A culinary and environmentally friendly cooking solution that reduces running costs for operators and increases their bottom line.


  • There is no magic ! – only science!
  • The forcible catalytic effects of OiLChef, work as a stopper agent against deterioration of the fat and oil.
  • Generating molecular oxygen in the oil - through catalytic absorption of O2 onto the ceramic pellets’ near infinite surface areas.
  • This, active molecular oxygen cuts the chains of lumpy oil bodies that raise oil viscosity.


  • It keeps the oil in finer form, improving heat conductivity that enables quicker cooking at lower temperature.
  • It prevents oil from breaking down - resulting in less harmful by - products in the oil and less oil being absorbed by the food being fried/blanched.